Soil Testing

The Trumbull County Extension office has soil testing kits available for sale.

Kits are $14 (Cash, Check, Credit Card) and can be purchased at our office during normal business hours or mailed (See table below for pricing). Testing is available for gardens, home lawns, farm fields, and commercial horticulture operations.  The final report includes the chemical analysis of the soil along with lime and fertilizer recommendations for the crop specified.  Analysis is done at a non-biased university soil testing laboratory at Penn State University.

Instructions and a soil testing fact sheet are included.

A copy of the results will be mailed to you within 10 business days.  A copy will also be sent to our office, so if you have any questions Lee Beers, Agriculture and Natural Resource Educator will be able to answer them for you..

Mailing Options:

If you would like a soil testing kit mailed to you, you can either pay via our online payment site to pay by credit card or mail in a check/money order to OSU Extension, Trumbull County, 520 W. Main St. Suite 1, Cortland, OH 44484.

TO PAY BY VISA or MASTERCARD: Press button below to begin payment process. Please use the "Additional Comments" section to enter your mailing address, and the corresponding price from the chart below



TO PAY BY CHECK: Please send a check from the corresponding price below made out to the OSU Extension Trumbull County and mail to 520 W. Main St., Suite 1, Cortland, OH 44410

If you are not sure how many kits you need, please call our office so we can help determine the correct quantity for what you are trying to test.

Please call with questions (330) 638-6783 during regular business hours Monday through Thursday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. 

There is not a fee for shipping at this time. When you purchase 3 or more soil test kits, you will receive a $2.00/kit savings.

Please include your name, mailing address, and a phone number with each order.
1 Soil Test $14.00
2 Soil Test $28.00
3 Soil Test $36.00
4 Soil Test $48.00
5 Soil Test $60.00
6 Soil Test  $72.00
7 Soil Test $84.00
8 Soil Test $96.00
9 Soil Test $108.00
10 Soil Test $120.00