2024 Jr. Fair Rules & Forms

Jr. Fair Code of Conduct Form- Due June 3

Species/Project Area Rules and Registration Forms

 4-H Enrollment forms AND Animal Registrations will be due at the SAME time: Monday, April 1, 2024 by 4:30 pm.

Rules/Registrations for the 2024 year will be posted in full by February 1. Please keep in mind that species meet at different times to approve rules for new year. A (*) designates that the updated rules for 2024 still need to be finalized and/or uploaded.

 Jr. Fair Beef - Rules and Registration Form

Jr. Fair Cat - Rules and Registration Form

Jr. Fair Cavy Rules and Registration Form

Jr. Fair Cloverbud- Activities' List & Registration Link

Jr. Fair Dairy Feeder - Rules and Registration Form

Jr. Fair Dairy - Rules and Registration Form & Dairy Lease Form

Dairy Sponsor Form

Jr. Fair Dairy Cheese Auction Registration Form

Jr. Fair Dog- Rules and Registration Form

Jr. Fair Equine -

  1.  2024 Rules 
  2.  Registration Form
  3.  Equine Lease Form
  4.  Permission to Participate Form (This MUST be completed and submitted by April 1 with your registrations!)
  5.  2024 PAS Requirements - Visit state website and class scoresheets HERE
  6.  Out-of-County PAS Form - for youth attending a PAS show outside of Trumbull County* Updated in 2022
  7. 2024 Horse Person Contest 
  8. First Year Members Only- This is a reminder that all first year members are required to attend a First Year Member Safety Meeting.First year members must also sign the Safety and Ethics Training Form available in the Horses, Safety and You Project Book (191R). The safety meetings will be offered in March and/or April. 

Jr. Fair Goat - 

  1. Rules 
  2. Market Goat
  3. Born & Bred 
  4. Goat Breeds & Registration 
  5. Pack Goat Entry
    1. Pack Goat Class Info/Guide
  6. Cloverbud Registration 
  7. Sponsorship Form 

*Jr. Fair Pocket Pet - Rules and Registration Form

Jr. Fair Poster Contest - Rules, Registration, & Scoresheet

Jr. Fair Poultry 

1. Rules & Outstanding Project Info *Market poultry delivery dates updated on 1/8/24;  changes are reflected in rules.

2. Fancy Poultry Registration, APA Standard of Perfection List

3. Market Poultry Registration & Slaughter Agreement

4. Sponsorship Form

Jr. Fair Rabbit - Rules

  1.  Pet Rabbit Registration
  2.  Market Rabbit Registration
  3.  Breeding Rabbit Registration
  4. Rabbit Sponsor Form
  5. Rabbit Royalty Application & Rules (new contest in 2024)

Jr. Fair Reptile 

1. Rules 

2. Registration Form

3. Reptile Sponsorship Form

Jr. Fair Sheep 

1. Rules

2. Registration Form

3. Sponsor Form

Jr. Fair Small Animal Dress-up Contest - Rules and Registration Form

Jr. Fair Swine - Rules and Registration Form


Trumbull County Livestock Sale Committee

The Trumbull County Livestock Sale Committee is comprised of advisors, parents and 4-H members of clubs that support market animal 4-H projects. The committee oversees the planning, marketing and communication of the Livestock Sale during the Trumbull County Fair. The Trumbull County Livestock Sale Committee meets on the second Wednesday of the month at the Trumbull County Sr. Fair Meeting Room at 7:00 pm. 


Trumbull County Fair 2024 Weigh-In Schedule

Trumbull County Livestock Sale Committee Constitution - Updated November 2023