The Trumbull County Fair is an exciting learning opportunity for 4-H members, parents, and volunteers alike!  4-H and Junior Fair activities and events at the Trumbull County Fair provide a positive environment in which youth from across our county may share the subject matter knowledge and skills they have learned through their 4-H project and activities work.  At the same time, participants develop important life skills in areas of leadership and communications.

4-H program involvement in the Trumbull County Fair is based on three key objectives:

The Trumbull County Fair provides an excellent educational experience for youth involved with all types of 4-H projects exhibited.  4-H members in Trumbull County have an opportunity to participate in the Trumbull County Fair 4-H and Junior Fair activities and events.

Trumbull County Fair 4-H and Junior Fair activities and events provide outstanding young people with recognition for excellence.  Throughout the Fair, judging and various competitions are held to recognize member’s accomplishments. Each individual youth participating is recognized for their personal achievements.

Participation in the Trumbull County Fair is one means by which the 4-H program is able to provide information to the general public about this non-formal, educational, and fun program for all youth ages 5-19.  The thousands of people who attend the Trumbull County Fair have the opportunity to view just a few of the many aspects of the total Trumbull County 4-H program in action.

We encourage 4-H professionals, parents, and volunteers to keep these key objectives in mind as we guide and advise local 4-H'ers with their Trumbull County Fair participation.