Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences

Marie Diniaco Economos, M.A., C.F.L.E.

Marie  is an Ohio State University Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Educator with a M.A. and is a Certified Family Life Educator. Marie serves on  local and state teams working to develop, implement, teach and evaluate research-based educational programs. Economos gives leadership with educational instruction across the lifespan.

Specialization in the field of Early Childhood Education and Health and Wellness. Family and Consumer Science programming address’s both the traditional and emergent  county, state and national issues  and needs that address Healthy People, Heathy Finances and Healthy Relationships in building stronger and healthier communities. 

  • Healthy RelationshipsOhio Approved Instructor Early Childhood Professional Development -Parenting and Mindful Wellness
  • Healthy People :Food Safety Training- Certified ServSafe Instructor, Food Service Training, Dining with Diabetes, Take Charge of Your Diabetes, Live Healthy, Live Well/Wellness Programs, and Food Preservation, Worksite Wellness.
  • Healthy Finance : Real Money Real World, Manage Your Money and Planning a Budget