Educator, 4-H Youth Development
4-H Youth Development, Teen Leadership, Animal Sciences
330 638-6783

Ashlee Meardith is the 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator for Trumbull County. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences and Master of Science in Dairy Science from The Ohio State University.  Ashlee has been serving Trumbull county since the fall of 2016. 

Ashlee grew up in Trumbull County and was a 13 year member of the Trumbull County 4-H Program. She is passionate about giving Trumbull's youth opportunities to strenghten leadership skills, gain knowledge in their respective project areas (and beyond) as well as provide avenues to network with other youth and/or adults that will help youth reach their goals. Ashlee serves on the state's leadership design team and serves as a co-director for the Geauga-Trumbull 4-H Camp. In addition, she provides school enrichment programs like Chick Quest and Real Money Real World to Trumbull County schools. Lastly, Ashlee's favorite annual program is the Trumbull STEM Days, held each August for youth in grades K-5. 

Have questions about joining Trumbull 4-H or how to get involved with some of these programs? Please email Ashlee or call the office for more information!